I’m a work in progress.

Give me a sunny day at the beach followed by a late afternoon thunderstorm.  My flip flops and running shoes somehow find rank and file among the melee of Manolos and high boots in my closet.  I think finding bliss on a yoga mat is sheer happiness, but also enjoy lacing up and suffering…just a little bit…on a long run.  Maybe this comes from my start in life.  It began in Chicago, but we spent weekends and summers in a small beach town in Southwest Michigan.  City mouse meets country mouse. Yin and yang. Juxtaposition. Balance.  I’m fiercely independent, but after thirty-some-odd years on this planet realized that I’m also a little old-fashioned.  *go figure*  I’m mildly addicted to Kombucha.  And eye cream.  (I’m all about the moisturizer.)  I appreciate good manners.  Chivalry.  Please and thank you.  That’s not to say that there isn’t a little urban girl, punk rock heart still beating in my chest.  There is.  I’ve lived a lot of life so far…and miles to go before I sleep.  So, that’s me.

I’m an East Coast girl with punk rock heart and a yoga soul.  Practicing, playing, teaching and sharing as much as I can.

I currently teach at three studios where I serve as an advanced yoga class and workshop instructor.  I also offer private yoga lessons and am happy to come to your studio where I can lead your members through one of my specialized workshops.  Contact me if you want more information!


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  1. Love your blog! I’m a runner who is really trying to get back into yoga. Looking fwd to reading more! 🙂

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