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A Warm Smoothie? YES.

I’ve been on a pretty good smoothie clip lately, and the other day I wanted to blend something up, but I just wasn’t feeling the love of a chilled drink. I couldn’t shake the cold that seemed to set into … Continue reading

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Eat Your Veggies – kale edition

Spring and summer bring great opportunities to hit farmers markets for fresh fruits, veg, and other items that are locally grown or produced.  It feels good to support area farmers and you can cut down on carbon footprint by not … Continue reading

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New Year Reset – Bliss in a Blender

So, the New Year has found us, and as mindful as I like to be when it comes to consumption, I do give myself the latitude to indulge in some of the holiday goodness. (Not to excess, of course!) But … Continue reading

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The time has come…

Haha! I saw this on a friend’s facebook wall and had to nick it. Seems like this is the time of year when people swear that once Christmas (or Hanukkah) pass… and the New Year’s Eve indulgences fade to memory, … Continue reading

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Great Stretches for Runners and Cyclists…in under 10 Minutes!

Okay, these are great stretches for ANY active person! As a yoga teacher who is also a distance runner and cyclist, I’m often asked for the most effective (and efficient–let’s face it, we’re all busy!) stretches that can be done … Continue reading

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Happy September! (Maybe?)

I’ve been trying to figure out why the beginning of September makes me feel a little bluesy…  Not sad, per se.  But a wee bit of melancholia creeps up as I notice the light shifting and shadows growing longer.  The … Continue reading

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Stay Calm and Barbie Om

Look out, world!  The Barbie backlash has returned!  Apparently, Mattel has released a new Barbie in their “I Can Be” series of dolls which features the icon dressed as different professions including a fashion designer, teacher, chef, SeaWorld trainer, President, … Continue reading

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Dig Deep

At this exact moment, 530am HST/1130am EST, ten years ago today, I ran my first race ever–the Kona marathon on the Big Island of Hawaii.   I’d never really run any distance prior to training for this event.  Not more … Continue reading

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I Love This: Ganesh

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Top 10 Foods for Women’s Health

So, I’ve been a little preoccupied since the holidays – a new puppy has joined the family and I have been busy putting together my Yoga for Athletes program that launches TODAY!  But when I saw this information, I knew … Continue reading

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