Yes, Another Food Post

Since December has arrived, so have the decadent coffee drinks.  You certainly can’t miss the signs and smells of the holidays if you go within walking distance of coffee shops in the Seacoast!  Indulging every now and then may not have detrimental effects on your waistline, but imbibing regularly might.

There are 460 calories in a grande eggnog latte from Starbucks.  If you go to Einstein Brothers Bagels and get one, you’ll be adding 530 calories to your day.  Sure, the “skinny” or non-fat varieties are less calorie-dense, and sugar-free options are out there as well.   (A grande skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks nets out at 120 calories.)

Since we got our amazing coffee maker–a Jura Impressa–I don’t grab coffee on the road much anymore unless I’m going with friends.  I’ve been incredibly spoiled by this machine!  However, I have occasionally been caught by the aroma of espresso wafting on the air while out and about.  Especially now that the holiday lattes are on the menu.  If you are like me, you probably want to enjoy the taste of these offerings with minimal guilt.  So, you find ways to cut the calories or fat.  But sometimes that means sacrificing taste.  I know…  I know…  It’s the old adage of damned if you do, damned if you don’t, right?!  Not anymore.

I bought So Delicious Coconut Milk “Nog” today.  After steaming it in preparation for a sort of Egg Nog Latte, I deemed this organic beverage tasty enough without the addition of espresso or coffee!  With only 90 calories in half a cup, it’s a winner!  Give it a try!




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I'm a work in progress. Give me a sunny day at the beach followed by a late afternoon thunderstorm. My flip flops and running shoes somehow find rank and file among the melee of Manolos and high boots in my closet. I think finding bliss on a yoga mat is sheer happiness, but also enjoy lacing up and suffering...just a little bit...on a long run. Maybe this comes from my start in life. It began in Chicago, but we spent weekends and summers in a small beach town in Southwest Michigan. City mouse meets country mouse. Yin and yang. Juxtaposition. Balance. I'm fiercely independent, but after thirty-some-odd years on this planet realized that I'm also a little old-fashioned. *go figure* I'm mildly addicted to Kombucha. And eye cream. (I'm all about the moisturizer.) I appreciate good manners. Chivalry. Please and thank you. That's not to say that there isn't a little urban girl, punk rock heart still beating in my chest. There is. I've lived a lot of life so far...and miles to go before I sleep. So, that's me. I'm an East Coast girl with punk rock heart and a yoga soul. Practicing, playing, teaching and sharing as much as I can. I currently teach at two studios--it will be three as of September 1st, as I was recently named the Advanced Yoga class/workshop instructor for the newest location. Outside of my home studios, I offer workshops and private yoga lessons as well. Contact me if you want more information!
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